Being Clean

Before you do anything regarding your face, be it cleansing; makeup application; et cetera. 

I can’t stress this enough…


Cleaning your face with dirty hands just puts more dirt on your face. Handling your makeup with dirty hands will contaminate it faster then you can say E. Coli. 

A lot of people don’t think about it, but do it even if you’ve just had a shower, wash those hands. 

Out of Order…is Chaos

And by Chaos I mean a makeup drawer…am I right?

Many beauty blogs and magazines have all mentioned this, but it always bares repeating. If there is anything in that drawer that has been there since you moved in – it happens, I found a lipstick in a purse (Revlon Red 730) in my gran’s house that I am pretty sure dated back from when it was released  –  then drop it in to the circular file…aka the Garbage Bin. Makeup does expire…and when it does it has the potential to be pretty gross; that being said if it doesn’t smell bad you could perhaps put it back into service such as pressed shadows, blushes, and pencil eyeliners. Anything cream based, it needs to go. Rule of thumb…when in doubt, throw it out.

I can appreciate this to be hard especially if you paid a Queen’s (or King’s) ransom for it. I drive a pickup (Elvis – you’ll meet him later; I promise) and some items I have makeup wise cost me as much as it does to fill one of Elvis’ gas tanks (He has two; my Elvis is a big boy). This is actually my gauge on spending; Elvis gas tanks. Let’s face it, cosmetics are expensive, little wonder as the cosmetics industry is forecasted to reach 675 Billion by the year 2020. Even in hard economic times, people will still buy their cosmetics. Why? Because looking good can help us feel good. However, outdated and rancid cosmetics will not do either.

This culling of products as old as the hills should extend to your cleansers, toners, lotions and masks as well. If you haven’t touched them in the last 6 months, chances are you won’t touch them in the next 6 months either so get rid of them. Once this is done, take a rag with some cleaner (I use the Method Brand, but whatever brand you use to wipe the counters with will do) and clean out that drawer properly.


Now you may want to invest in some type of organization trays for the drawer; you needn’t go fancy, Dollar Stores have some great stuff. For my personal makeup I have all my mascaras, lip gloss (I’m a lip gloss junkie so I have plenty of those…) in mugs, which I make sure are kept regularly clean. I do recommend you store your cosmetics in something other than those freebie cosmetic bags one gets when they spent X amount of dollars on an item. They get gross after a while and don’t really ever come clean. Don’t get me wrong I have a plethora of freebie cosmetic bags; they are brilliant for storing things like my phone charger, the charging adaptor for Elvis, even use one for my art erasers…just not for my makeup. Blech. An alternative if you have the counter space, or shelf space is to pick up one of the many drawer sets that Sterilite puts out, fairly inexpensive, and can hold makeup like a champ!

I know you’re sitting there sighing, but really, it’s time to remove that albatross from your neck. I can’t say you’ll feel lighter, nor can I say you won’t cringe as you toss that $50 skin cream that you’ve held on to for 2 years and is now actually a rubber mass. I can say that once those long forgotten pots of disappointment have been removed, you will actually be able to find exactly what you are looking for in that drawer without having to allow for 20 extra minutes in order to find it.






Ah…and here we are at last…

Finally have all the pages set up for the website.

I am so spectacularly jazzed!!!

So now what…?

As I re-connect with my love of makeup and share my passion with the world at large I will also be writing about my exploration of makeup in general. Anything and everything, nothing will be taboo when it comes to products, brands and even the DIY.

I look forward to our chit chats…