Product Time…Part One

So let’s talk about Dove®

Dove® has a whole range of cleansing products…

The one I am focusing on is the Beauty Bar

For a long time it was the ubiquitous white bar…the one with 1/4 moisturizing cream in it…that’s been the tag line for as long as I can remember. I grew up with Dove® being the soap in our shower/bath for a very long time – until others came into the market with the fruity smelling soaps and flowery smelling soaps…which I was allergic to as a child – I was particularly gutted when it turned out I couldn’t use Mr. Bubble® Bubble Bath as I would break out in Hives – so Dove® was a mainstay for the most part only to be switch out at intervals with that OTHER white bar…or that zingy Blue Bar that made the rare appearance.

These days it is rather a creamy lather that comes from this Plain Jane little white bar. The smell too is clean and fresh, not over powering, unlike some bars – which went into my sister and I’s underwear drawer when we were kids; I don’t recall ever having used any of those perfumed soaps we got in the perfume sets that were a staple in our house at Christmas time. For those who don’t like scents in their bars, Dove® also has an Unscented version.

I like that you can use the bar from head to foot including your face (but make sure you don’t wash your face immediately after you’ve washed your butt – I mean this has to go without saying right?)

It also comes in a Sensitive Skin version too, which is nice option for those who have touchy skin (I feel your pain peeps! I feel your pain!!!).

If you have never used it…check it out!

** If you have a dermatologist; check with them first!!!!




A Word About…Cold Sores…

Sadly this is a fate shared by many (including yours truly), sometimes they’re known as fever blisters. At the end of the day they are also known as Herpes Simplex 1 or HSV-1. At this point should you want to know more about it I recommend you do an internet search, I am in no way and by no means an expert on the medical jargon, better yet, talk to your doctor. Trust me, they’ve seen worse than a cold sore on a lip. 

From a makeup product and a makeup artist point of view this isn’t great. Cold Sores (AKA Herpes) are/is contagious during a flare up.  

So my two cents is this…

Use a medicated method that works for you once you have consulted a doctor and she/he hasn’t prescribed something for you. I have used several methods finally settling on Abreva®. While for me it doesn’t prevent the outbreak it does lessen the amount of time I have to contend with it on my face, and the pain associated with it. There is no cure for them, once you get them, you have them forever, and the only thing you can really do once the flare up is in full swing is ride it out.

During the outbreak, I tend to forgo the makeup on the area if at all possible. 

This isn’t always an option for some, which is what prompted me to write about this topic.

First: Stop touching the sores….seriously stop touching them. 

Second: If the sores are open, don’t put any makeup over them, it’ll compound the problem if you put makeup on an open sore. 

Third: If you suffer from cold sores, don’t even think about passing along any of your makeup that you’ve used. 

Fourth: Any old sponges associated with your compacts…throw them out.

Fifth: If you have makeup brushes, you’ll need to clean them. I use Sunlight® or Dawn® dish soap…WHAT?! (Hollered the peanut gallery), you heard me…dish soap. On film sets they use 99% Alcohol to clean  & 70% Alcohol to disinfect when they are in a hurry. 


Cleaning brushes:

For those ladies who joke about never washing your makeup brushes, I would consider doing so, otherwise you’re just smoothing bacteria onto your face. 

So I put a small and I mean small dab of dish soap into the palm of my hand, rinse the bristles of the brush to get it damp, then just swirl the bristles in the soap in the palm of the hand, do that for a few seconds, then rinse. Smaller brushes you can do a few together at a time, the big powder brushes you need to do separately. A word of note, do not submerge your brushes in hot water, it will melt the glue in the ferrules and destroy your brushes. After a rinse and shake out, lay them horizontally to dry. 

Sixth: Don’t apply the makeup directly from the container to your face – for example: Lipsticks/Gloss – nor should you ‘double dip’ the sponge or brush into a container – for example: foundations, concealer. 

Seventh: Keep the application light, don’t cake it on, because then it really will stand out. 

Above all else, keep putting the medication on it. 

And don’t pick at it…

A Canvas…

When it comes to makeup, that’s really what your face is…a Canvas…blank and open to all sorts of possibilities. 

When it comes to any artist’s canvas it’s important that it is clean, free of surface dirt. Now it does not have to be blemish free because let’s face it, for some of us gals and pals, acne is a fact of life. There are products out there that can help with this and as we go along I will feature a few of these products, whether it be for facial acne or for body acne. 

Finding a cleanser that’s right for you is the first task at hand. Not everyone has the same skin, not really. 

There is dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, the ever elusive ‘Normal’ skin – what exactly does normal skin look like anyway? And of course for us mature (and not so mature) ladies…the aging skin. 

Our skin changes with our health levels, the weather, where we live and our age. 

For example: I live in Calgary, it’s part foothills, part bald-ass prairie, it’s fairly dry. I lived in Medicine Hat, which although settled around the South Saskatchewan River, is pretty much in the bad lands of S. Alberta, it’s arid to say the least, basically drier than a popcorn fart. So living in the dry climate that I do, my skin drys out quickly, so cleaning my face with a cleanser that is meant to remove excess oils would be disastrous for my skin. As I am now a lady of 40, I also have to keep in mind that while I still look youthful my skin’s needs are changing. 

Second example is my mom, who in her early 70’s, and lives in Calgary as well, will have different skin cleansing needs from me. 

Pretty much every conventional product line has their basic cleansing routine: Cleanser; Toner; Moisturizer. Add-ons will include but aren’t limited to Exfoliate creams/gels; serums and specialty creams. Usually you’re encouraged to purchase all the ‘required’ products from that line, and conceivably its to ensure ‘results.’  

A word on results: you will need to use the product EVERYDAY for 30 days without interruption before you’ll see any results, that’s the fine print, you may see a slight improvement immediately after the first use, but if you want actual results it takes 30 days aka 4 weeks. 

If you’ve been using the same cleanser for years, it may be time to re-evaluate your skin to see if what you are currently using is still the right product for you. 

Being Clean

Before you do anything regarding your face, be it cleansing; makeup application; et cetera. 

I can’t stress this enough…


Cleaning your face with dirty hands just puts more dirt on your face. Handling your makeup with dirty hands will contaminate it faster then you can say E. Coli. 

A lot of people don’t think about it, but do it even if you’ve just had a shower, wash those hands.