Product Time…Part One

So let’s talk about Dove®

Dove® has a whole range of cleansing products…

The one I am focusing on is the Beauty Bar

For a long time it was the ubiquitous white bar…the one with 1/4 moisturizing cream in it…that’s been the tag line for as long as I can remember. I grew up with Dove® being the soap in our shower/bath for a very long time – until others came into the market with the fruity smelling soaps and flowery smelling soaps…which I was allergic to as a child – I was particularly gutted when it turned out I couldn’t use Mr. Bubble® Bubble Bath as I would break out in Hives – so Dove® was a mainstay for the most part only to be switch out at intervals with that OTHER white bar…or that zingy Blue Bar that made the rare appearance.

These days it is rather a creamy lather that comes from this Plain Jane little white bar. The smell too is clean and fresh, not over powering, unlike some bars – which went into my sister and I’s underwear drawer when we were kids; I don’t recall ever having used any of those perfumed soaps we got in the perfume sets that were a staple in our house at Christmas time. For those who don’t like scents in their bars, Dove® also has an Unscented version.

I like that you can use the bar from head to foot including your face (but make sure you don’t wash your face immediately after you’ve washed your butt – I mean this has to go without saying right?)

It also comes in a Sensitive Skin version too, which is nice option for those who have touchy skin (I feel your pain peeps! I feel your pain!!!).

If you have never used it…check it out!

** If you have a dermatologist; check with them first!!!!





Author: Killertomatoe

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